Transfer a Domain Name from One Web Host Provider to Another: Step-By-Step Instruction

User our step-by-step instruction and discover how you can transfer a domain name from one web host provider to another!

About Transferring a Domain Name from One Web Host Provider to Another

Moving your website to a new web host is like moving from one house to another. This means that you need to find a new place to live first, complete the paperwork, pack up all of your things, and then move to your new home. Moving your website is pretty similar. You need to find a new location, complete the paperwork in order to rent the new hosting space, transfer everything from your site to your new web host, and then change the DNS record.

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In order to do all of this, check out our step-by-step instruction guide.

How to Transfer a Domain Name from One Web Host Provider to Another – 5 Steps to Follow

  • Find a New Web Host – Considering the fact that there are many web hosting providers available, you need to find the one that suits you the best. Select the new web host provider based on space, cost, and server configuration.
  • Back Up Your Website to the New Web Host Provider – In order to back up a static website you need to copy the old files over to the new web host provider, and to back up a dynamic website you need to install the web apps over to the new web host provider.
  • Double Check Before Moving – You need to ensure that everything is working on your website once you’ve moved the filed onto the new web host provider. Once, you’ll double check, make the move.
  • Switch Website DNS Records – Now that you move to the new hosting configuration, you need to switch the DNS records. By doing this, you will ensure that your potential visitors will be able to locate your website as intended.
  • Wait for the DNS Change to Work – Keep in mind that the switch can take from a few hours to one day. Once the DNS starts to work, inform the former web host provider that you are no longer going to use their services.

If you are not satisfied with your current web host provider, transferring your domain name to another web host service is the best thing you could possibly do. 

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