Tips for Buying and Registering a Domain Name

When registering a domain name, there are many considerations and choices to make. These often lead to certain worrying questions like; what makes a good domain name? How do you choose a domain registrar? What does the contract between you and your domain registrar mean?

These are legitimate concerns. So, here are some tips to help you avoid the pitfalls that may arise on your way to successfully registering your domain name.

Choice of domain name

You have to come up with a domain name before registering it. Your choice is of great consequence. You need to choose a good domain name since it is, in effect, the name of your website. Research is mandatory to avoid registering a trademarked or copyrighted name or one that harms your SEO.

A good domain name should be concise, brand-able, memorable and one that represents you and your business. If you are having difficulties coming up with a name, the various domain registrars can suggest one for you.

Choice of domain registrar

After you have come up with a decent domain name, you can then register it with ICANN through a domain registrar. You also have the option of acquiring a domain name from your web host. Web hosts typically offer free domain names as part of their web-hosting package. Lucrative as it may seem, this option is not always recommendable.

There are many domain registrars. Since not all are created equal, your choice matters. Most reviews of domain registrars are anecdotal hence unreliable. You have to conduct proper research to root out the rotten eggs and choose the most suitable registrar for your business.

The domain contract

 “Buying a domain name,” does not mean that you own it forever and under all circumstances. It is more like renting a house, and you have to renew your registration periodically. By registering a domain name, you simply get a license from the registry to use the web name for a specified period.

During this time, registrars reserve the right to change the registration agreement or revoke your domain name depending on your agreement. As such, you must carefully read through the terms of your contract to make sure your domain registrar does not shortchange you.

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Once you have settled on a favorable domain name, you can then begin the registration process. The various registrars have their own unique guide, which you can easily find on their respective websites.

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